December 20, 2019

Zahra Humanitarian Organisation (ZHO) Shahdadpur-Sindh

A small core fund support has been initiated since April 2014. ZHO is working in the villages around Shahdadpur city. Total 11 maps and documentation completed, (village Lutaf Ali Wagan, village Lal

Muhammad Waso, Saiful Khan Shar, Mir Hassan Brohi, Rasool Buksh Jatoi, Mir  Mohd.  Kolei,  Pir  Buksh  Brohi, Allah Bux Raees, Gul Hassan Shar, Muhammad Hasan Brohi), Dhani Baksh Raees and Aacher Brohi map are in progress. Technical support for plan/estimates provided to ZHO. There is community mobilization for collection of money in Lal Mohammad Waso, Mir Hassan Brohi,  Mir  Mohammad Kolei,  Saiful  Shar,  Rasool Bux Jatoi, Lutaf Ali Wagan, goth Dhani Buksh Raees and Baheel Mohallah. ZHO is trying to create a linkage of women savings groups with the sanitation program in villages. Total 5 lane sewers 750 rft. and one EM­STU (last period) constructed on self-help in village Lutaf Ali Wagan comprising 61  houses investment Rs. 0.243 million. This period construction of 2 latrines was also completed in Lutaf Ali Wagan.