March 26, 2017



OPP – Research and Training Institute (OPP-RTI) manages the low-cost sanitation, housing/secure housing support program, education program, the now evolving water supply, and the women’s savings programs as well as the related research and training programs. Earthquake and the flood rehabilitation works are also undertaken.

OPP-RTI’s development methodology is taught in Universities in both the North and South Massachusetts Institute Of Technology USA, soon after Perween’s assassination in 2013, held a two-day seminar titled, Orangi Pilot Project and the Legacy of Perween Rahman.

Perween Rahman was a member of the Oslo Water Academy.

OPP-RTI has won the UN-Habitat Good Practices Award twice.

Habitat-Norway held a seven city tour in October 2018, to highlight OPP’s development methodology and Perween’s role in its annual Urban October event. Events were held in universities in Kristiansand and Trondheim, and with municipal and civic groups in Bergen, Haugusand, Arundel, Oslo, and Stavanger.

The World Urban Forum to be held in February 2020 is to hold a special session on OPP-RTI and Perween Rahman. This session has been organized by Habitat Norway and alongside OPP-RTI will be representatives of Slum Dwellers International, Asian Coalition for Housing Rights, etc.

The Bangkok based Asian Coalition of Housing Rights has instituted a Perween Rahman Fellowship program.