December 20, 2019

Watan Welfare Organisation (WWO) ­ Sakrand-Sindh

The town has a population of about 30,000. Since early 2011 WWO has initiated work in the town as well as in the nearby villages. Since March’11 small core fund support continues. Plan/estimates for self-help sewers have been provided for a total of 197 lanes (9 this period) in the town. In the village “Majeed Kerio” (comprising of more than 1,000 houses) guided by WWO total 26 lane sewers 3,865rft.  have been laid on self-help (2 last period) 134 houses have invested Rs. 1,081,113 on sewers and latrines.  In more lanes, there is money collection. In village Mulla Sand Kerio, Satpuri, follow up visit held, here community,  laid   200 rft. secondary sewer and STU was completed last period. 780 rft. secondary sewer is now completed,

72 houses contributed Rs. 152,438 for the sewer, 10 latrines were also constructed.  This period construction of 8 latrines was completed in Majeed Kerio, Mulla Sand Kerio, and  Wadera  Mohallah.  Last period map and documentation of Sherwani Mohallah Ward No.1 completed and map of village Hayat Kerio and Umar Bodlo were in progress. WWO members regularly receive guidance on-site and at OPP­RTI.  Earlier 3 EM­STU’s have been constructed in village Abdul Wahid Somro and Mulla Sand people are using treated sewage for kitchen gardening, 16 houses contributed Rs. 91,000. This period meeting with the TMO Sakrand and taluka chairman to discuss the sanitation program.