December 20, 2019

The Community Development Support Program (CDSP) ­ Uch Sharif

The town has a population of about 75,000. The sanitation program was initiated by the NGO Conservation and Rehabilitation Centre (CRC) in 1999. Earlier mapping and documentation of the city, showed a total of 725 lanes, with mostly shallow open drains, where frequently sewage overflowed due to lack of or inadequate disposal. With OPP­RTI’s assistance, a conceptual Master Plan for sewage disposal was prepared for Uch city and presented to the Govt. By 2002 the 3 proposed projects for main sewers (estimated at Rs. 1.18 million) were completed by the govt. Earlier CRC and now CDSP continue to plan, guide and supervise the work of the govt. agencies for the external development projects as well as road construction and lane paving, so that sewers are laid beforehand. Total 53,082 rft main sewers laid by the govt. Sultan Jahanian 1860 rft main sewerage line on going (total 960 rft. completed, last period 600 rft.) by govt have been supervised (most planned by CRC/CDSP), while desilting, replacement/repair of existing main sewers are regularly advocated and their implementation is monitored.

Since April’11 the organizational setup has changed, the program is now being extended  thru  the  Community Development Support Program (CDSP). Core fund support continues. Settlements coming up in the periphery of the city and rural areas are being focused. Union Council wise mapping is complete. A sewerage plan for nearby developed city areas was presented to PPP­MPA and PHED for approval. External work by PHED, for the rehabilitation of Jagpura main sewer 1900 rft. was completed last period. Mapping of Mahand (rural) completed last period, Saif Ghaloo is in progress.

The total work of internal sanitation completed is 368 lane sewers (3 this period) 59,676 rft. and 2 secondary sewers, 4,298 rft. serving as disposal for a total of 2,958 houses, with people investing total Rs. 12,333,765. For more lane sewers mobilization and technical support are in progress. Govt. officials and community activists are in regular contact. With seven EM­Sewage Treatment Units (STU) constructed in Kot Khalifa, Shams colony, Nawaz Lashari, Basti Sweetra, Basti Gopang, and Channi goth. EM­STU in Kot Khalifa rectified the last period. There are few more requests of EM­STU for a few of them mobilization meetings and technical surveys have been held.

Earlier communities in the nearby towns of Ahmedpur East and Alipur were also mobilized, here work was completed in total 75 lane sewers and 4 govt. laid trunk sewers. The last period mapping and documentation of Ahmedpur East restarted.