December 20, 2019

Society for Health and Environmental Development (SHED) ­ Yazman

In Yazman (a town with a population of 30,000). In April 2009 small core fund support was initiated which continues.  A  social organizer and a technician form the team. Mapping of the town and documentation of infrastructure was earlier completed, while addition and updates continue. Total 106 lane sewers have been laid (55 technically guided by SHED some others mobilized), 470 houses have invested Rs. 2,414,524 on latrines and lane sewers. Plan for the upgrading of water supply scheme was earlier provided to Chak No. 68 DB, the community has collected funds according to their capacity for the remaining they are looking towards the government. Three self-help sewers laid in Chak No. 42 DB, Hasan colony and old Ghala. Earlier assisted by SHED, TMA laid 1,060 rft. main sewer in Hafiz colony and secondary sewers 2,200 rft.  in Chak  68 DB. In 117DB with MPA grant of Rs. 107 million a sewage pond is being converted into a park.