December 20, 2019

Sindh Rural Development Oraganization (SRDO) ­ Samaro, Umerkot

Sindh Rural Development Organization (SRDO) – Samaro, small core fund support initiated in July 2014. Construction of EM­STU and a 50 rft. sewer in village M.Ram Malhi completed earlier, 12 houses benefited. Total 8 lane sewers and one secondary sewer are completed (1 lane sewer  100 rft last period) 2,550  rft.  160 houses have invested Rs.8,59,081. Eight EM­STUs’ construction is completed (last period one in Kolhi colony) 185 houses benefited. In village Melhur Kolhi one EM­STU and 100 rft. sewer completed. In village long Khaskheli one EM­STU completed, material for 400 rft. lane sewer is being organized. There is community mobilization for collection of money in Long Khaskheli, Girdhari Bheel,  Mohajir goth,  Kolhi colony, Jalal Shah colony, Baloch colony, old Samaro, Khemeso Solangi, Mehmood Shahani Long Khaskheli, Kheto Malhi colony. Map/documentation of Kolhi colony, Baloch colony, village Moti Ram Malhi, Mehmood Shahani, Jalal Shah colony, Rahooabad, Doctor Poonam Chand Kolhi, Hassan Shah Baghwan, Hema Ram colony, Nato Ram Malhi and Preemchand Mehawar, Wazir Khaskheli, Kheto Malhi colony (this period 2) is completed. OPP­RTI team members visited SRDO this period. Two members of the SRDO team got technical training. This period construction of one latrine was completed in the Kolhi colony.