December 20, 2019

Sehar Development Organisation (SDO) ­ Mailsi, Vehari

NGO, SDO is being trained by Hamet to initiate work in Tehsil Mailsi which has a population of 1,35,000. For the town committee Karampur,  map, and documentation of the existing sewage disposal system were earlier completed. Maps of  Sheikpura,  Mailsi, Muraadwala, and Gharibabad were completed. Documentation shows that in most areas govt. sewers and drains exist. In the remaining, mobilization for self-help sewers held in  Gharibabad  Mohallah  Muradabad Sheikhupura, 2 estimates provided in Mohallah Muradwala. In 24 lanes (3 last period) self-help sewers 3,674 rft. have been laid by the community, (6 technically guided) 153 houses have invested Rs.  7,09,382 on sewers and latrines. Desilting of external sewer 263 rft. carried out in Mohallah Sheikhupura, coordinated by community and TMA.