December 20, 2019

Sanghar Welfare Development Support Organization (SWDSO) ­ Sanghar-­Sindh

The program was initiated in June 2003 by another organization – SCWS. Core fund support from Water Aid continued till April’11, when due to the consistent organizational conflicts work came to a  standstill,  so further funding was stopped. Total work completed by SCWS was on 44 lane and 5 secondary sewers, with 542 houses investing Rs. 2,159,935/­.

Since Feb’11 with the project coordinator independently extending work as the “Sanghar Welfare Development Support Organisation”, core fund support was extended which continues. One visit was made by OPP­RTI member to guide the work, community mobilization and money collection for self-help sewers continues in Shahpur Chakar and in the nearby villages. In total 22 lane sewers and three secondary sewers are completed (1 lane sewer and one secondary sewer laid this period) 101 houses contributed Rs. 9,53,729 for lanes. This period on request plans/estimates for 25 lane sewers were provided in Amanullah Dahri, New colony, Shahpur Chakar, Lemon khan Talpur, Photo Khan Sanjrani, and Ahmedabad. Total four EM­Sewage Treatment Units (EM­STU) and the connecting sewers serving 54 houses were completed on self-help in village Mesu Kerio, Jamaluddin Dehri, village Taj Mohammad Dehri, and village Lemon Khan Talpur. In village Umerabad where money collection was being carried out since last year work completed on landfilling, in four lanes costing Rs. 80,000/­, last period. There is recovery for self-help sewers in village Ghulam Kerio. In Kamil Shah Colony two old sewers rectified on self-help, costing Rs.74,000/­ (last period one lane). Lately, TMA Khadro has approved funds of Rs. 9.0 million for implementation of sewerage plan prepared in 2006 by SWDSO. Work started on two secondary sewers by govt. 3,250 rft. costing Rs. 4.9 million at Ward No.4, 5, 6,7 and Khadro. This will serve 350 houses, work is technically supervised by the SWDSO team, a total of 3,650 rft. (last period 2,150 rft.) completed. Work started on Amanullah Dahri 1,500rft.

Together with OPP­RTI support to partner RADO in Sinjhoro, WWO in Sakrand and to 2 new organizations in Samaro town and Sahdadpur continues with regular review meetings at OPP­RTI and guidance on site.