December 20, 2019

Sahil Development Organisation (SDO)­ Naushehra Virkan

Around January’11, NGO SDO guided and trained by partner Muawin initiated work in Tehsil Naushehra  Virkan, district Gujranwala. Since March’11, a small core fund continues. Total 92 lane sewers a secondary sewer 15,637 rft.were laid on self-help (two-lane sewers laid this period), 959 houses contributed Rs. 4.34 million for latrines and lane sewers. For more lanes, there is mobilization and provision of plans and estimates. Mapping and documentation of this town (comprising of 18 settlements) completed by SDO,  Alipur Chatha, Tatley Aali digitize map completed earlier. Mapping of 30 areas 5 in Tehsil Kamoki and 25 in Tehsil Naushehra Virkan completed. Three maps (Mari Bhindranb, Grid Station, Bopra Khurd) completed last period. Of 3 (Kole Aala, Budha Khoh, and Depay pur is in progress). OPP­RTI member periodically provides onsite guidance on the social and technical aspects of the work.