December 20, 2019

Rural Area Welfare Development Organisation (RAWDO) ­Sinjhoro-Sindh

It is a town, in district Sanghar, having a population of 30,000. Mapping, documentation and level survey of the town was earlier completed. Small core fund support initiated in April 2008 continues.

Total 43 lane sewers are complete (one lane sewer laid last period), 313 houses contributed Rs. 16,37,612  for lane sewers, 2 secondary sewers, and latrines. Technical support and community mobilization continue.  In 4 lanes there is money collection. Last period one EM­STU completed connecting sewers serving  3 houses was completed on self-help in Village Rasool  Bux Khaskheli. This period mobilization meeting held in Rasool Bux Khaskheli, Jamal Faqir Khaskheli, and Sain Khan Rajar. Two houses made house connections in village Rasool Bux Khaskheli. For guidance, this period, the on-site visit was made by OPP­-RTI members together with the coordinator of SWDSO. For “katchi goth” work has begun, disposal is completed, laying off 600 rft. (last period 300 rft. completed) open drain completed last period. The total cost of the project is 12 million. RAWDO is monitoring the work. This period map of 1 community (Ajetomal) completed. This period 200 rft. laid by Govt in Zafar town, Sinjhoro City.