December 20, 2019

Research and Awareness for Community Empowerment (RACE) ­Jalalpur Pirwala/Lodhran/Kehror Pacca

For Jalalpur Pirwala/ Lodhran/Kehror Pucca (Population 35,000/1,00,000/60,000), the NGO Race is being supported to extend the program. From Jan’09 to June’12 small core fund support was provided alternatively by ACHR and MIsereor. The team comprises a social organizer and a technician. Total 161 lane sewers were laid on self-help (4 this period), 72 technically supervised some others mobilized. In Lodhran, Jallan Arain/Kehror Pucca. 885  houses invested  Rs. 3,818,304 on sewers and latrines. For more lanes, community mobilization continues. This period desilting of 2,240 rft. sewer in Basti Faizabad, B colony, Pathan colony. Technical support for 2 house connections provided in Basti Pathan. Two youths were trained on a low-cost sanitation model. In the Jallah Arain wall of EM­ STU financed by MoE a few years back,  has collapsed due to heavy rains.  The community requested the RACE team to provide technical support for its rectification. Earlier work was undertaken on self-help at a cost of Rs. 16080. For the desilting of the Treatment Unit, a peter pump is required for which money collection is in progress. This period mapping and documentation of Basti Adam Wahbean completed.

Earlier map and documentation of the sewage disposal system of Lodhran city was completed. 70% work of sewerage and water supply has been completed by govt. through local MPA, residents of remaining area being mobilized. On request mapping and documentation of Chak No. M 97 (Chau mor) undertaken, here technical support provided for the self-help sewers.

Race team’s design and estimate for Islampur (Kehror Pacca); 4700rft main sewer line. T.M.A Kehror Pacca approved this proposal costing Rs.8.9 million. Work is on going; 2,500 rft completed (last period 700rft).

The map, documentation, and digitization of the nearby town of Dhanot were earlier completed. Community mobilization continues for internal development and functioning of the existing system. RACE team organized the community for O&M  of the existing sewerage systems. This period desilting of  393 rft. sewer in Kehror  Pucca and 3 house connections provided.