December 20, 2019

Organization Pan Environment (OPE) ­ Gujranwala

OPE’s community mobilization and support for internal development continue, for external sanitation, there is coordination with the govt. for main/sec. and lane paving.  Area  MPA agreed to extend support in self-help work and requested OPE to monitor the work undertaken by WASA. The last period in four lanes paving was undertaken through MPA funds. Earlier meeting held with MPA, Toufeeq Ahmed Butt, who reiterated that wherever work on a trunk sewer will start in NA­96 OPE will monitor this work.  Meeting with the union council Chairman and Vice-Chairman, UC­80/44, 43/7, 75/39 and 81/45. For the expansion of work, mapping is being focused, of one UC 80/44, work was completed last period. More Ucs will be started after completion of demarcation work by govt. last period training of  3 lane managers on organizational aspects of self-help lane sewers and 6 masons on technical aspects undertaken. OPP­RTI team member periodically visits to understand and guide the work.

Total work completed in the city has been 258 lane sewers (4 last period),  and 21 secondary sewers of total 77,964 rft. serving as disposals for a total of 5,896 houses. People’s investment in latrines, lane and secondary sewers has been Rs. 21.265 million. Four self-help lane sewers laid;  all were paved by area  MPA. An additional 103 lanes and 20 secondary sewers were laid by the community supported by  NGO AWF and the UNDP plus program. Manager PRSP, Gujranwala and WASA supervisor from  UC  81/45  were briefed on the work & approach of OPE. This period report not received.