January 2, 2020


OPP – RTI supports small NGOs AND CBOs all over Pakistan. This is because the OPP – RTI recognizes that they are unable to work all over Pakistan, so, in order to increase its outreach, OPP – RTI helps small CBOs and NGOs grow and eventually become self-sustainable. OPP – RTI supports these smaller organizations in a number of ways which include, but are not limited to a) training and guidance b) providing and/ or arranging for the management costs incurred by the CBO/ NGO c) helping with troubleshooting of problems that might occur.

It is also important to note that OPP – RTI aims to make practitioners into trainers. This is particularly helpful as people who have been in the field and encountered certain problems are able to pass on their knowledge to other organizations that may face the same constraints. One way to enable this method of teaching is through forums that take place in different areas of Pakistan every year.