December 20, 2019

Nawan Sojhlan Foundation (NSF) ­Jampur

After the 2010­-11 floods NSF worked with Muawin on a project for providing sewage disposal for villages in Jampur, members of NSF paid several visits to OPP­RTI,  received training on mapping/documentation as well as guidance on initiating the low-cost sanitation program. Total 65 maps completed,  (this period  5 maps completed), motivation in newly mapped areas continues. Total 51 self help lane sewers 10,085 rft.  laid. comprising of 685 houses, people’s investment is Rs. 2,449,814. Periodically OPP­RTI team member provides guidance for lobbying for the implementation of sewerage plan of Jampur city, construction has started which is jointly followed by NSF & OHD. Earlier two EM­STU’s were constructed in Talai wala, 89 houses contributed Rs. 55,100. Mobilization of work initiated in Kot Tahir, Shahwala and Darkan wala. Earlier 2 members team of the Prime Welfare Foundation was trained on mapping, documentation, planning, and estimation. PWF is initiating a low-cost sanitation program in UC Harand.Rectification survey;  7  lanes in Jampur Sharki last period. Rectification of 311 rft. sewerage line completed last period.