September 18, 2020

Lal Muhammad Goth – Sindh

With the help of mobilization of ZHO, a water supply line is being installed at Lal Muhammad Wasoo Goth. Residents had been facing water supply issue. This issue has been addressed and The Chairman has been mobilized for the solution of this issue after the map has been prepared for this village. A connection will be taken from a main water supply line which is at a distance of 2500 ft. with the help of solar energy, and a reservoir tank will also be built at a central location which will of 11’x11’x8’ dimension. A 2 inches diameter 2500 rft line will be extended to this tank for which 50% of work is completed and will be finished soon. Another tank will be built and a 2000 rft line will be extended on self-help basis. Total cost of this project is Rs. 8,98,000/-. OPP-RTI director Mr. Saleem alimuddin and Mr. Owais have already visited this area during this quarter.

A reservoir Tank is being built at Lal Muhammad Wasoo Goth and the work is about to be completed. Cost of this work is Rs. 99,800/-. Report will be submitted once project is completed.