December 20, 2019

Hafeez Arain Memorial Empowerment Trust (HAMET) ­ Bahawalpur

“Hamet” was set up in March’08. Core fund support was earlier mobilized through OPP­RTI, since Jan’11 ACHR  and now Misereor initiated direct core fund support. In the Govt.­ADB Southern  Punjab  Basic  Urban  Services (SPBUS) program for 21 towns (including Bahawalpur city) where the component sharing model has been adopted by the govt. the city was mapped, trunk sewers and disposals were documented.  Lane sewers are being laid on self-help. Hamet is undertaking work in Bahawalpur City as well as guiding partners working in 7 towns. In Bahawalpur work on lane sewers is in progress.  Since  June’08 total of 287 lane sewers have been laid on self-help in 29 settlements (5 laid this period) Sept’16 to Nov’16), 98 were technically supported by Hamet. A total of 1,498 houses have invested Rs. 6,451,168/­ on lane sewers and latrines. In more lanes there is money collection, community mobilization and technical support continue including training of polytechnic students and masons. Updated maps with documentation of the sewerage/drainage systems are regularly prepared. Last period, documentation of Nawaz colony, Hasan Colony and Satlag colony completed, mobilized by HAMET this period 5 lanes laid their sewers on self help each in Usman colony, Qaide Azam Colony, Shadab, Samma Satta and Green town. Due to the transfer of the TMA Dera Bakha baseline survey remains incomplete. For the settlement Choti  Bandra as per  Hamet’s guidance laying of a main and repair of the existing sewer was earlier completed by  TMA, a connection of the main sewer to the disposal remains as the landowners are using sewage for irrigation. Requested by the TMA of the nearby Samasatta town mapping/documentation and preparation of the proposal for sewage disposal was submitted to TMA, no progress since then due to the unavailability of funds. Last period one lane and one secondary sewer laid by govt 272 rft., 300 rft in Tibba Badaar Sher, Basti Sanda and one latrine constructed by Abbasi town costing Rs. 26,506.

Hamet’s role in guiding/training the TMA officials, community activists, students of polytechnic, CBOs and NGOs in the city as well as in the nearby towns for expansion of the component sharing model is important. Training and onsite guidance to NSF and OHD in Jampur were earlier provided.  In  Vehari,  Sehar  Development Organisation is being trained.

Hamet’s training and guidance support to partner organizations for expansion of work in Southern Punjab(Khairpur Tamewali, Jalalpur Pirwala/Kehror Pucca/Lodhran, and Yazman) continue.