December 5, 2019

Education Program

The Education Program upgrades the physical condition and improves the academic standards of private schools in Orangi and five more peripheral towns of Karachi, through start-up grant, credit, teacher’s training and the mobilization of saving groups. 588 schools educating 79,137 children have been supported. In addition, 303 more schools have been supported with credit by the OPP-OCT.

For strengthening the coming together of schools and linking up the training activity, lectures and forums are organized. The events, besides adding to their skills, have provided an opportunity for schools and teachers to come together. For strengthening the self-help process of support, groups of 20-30 school owners are mobilized to come together as saving groups. Two groups continue with their savings, one group has started supporting members with credit from their savings. 3 new groups of schools in the goths have initiated their savings groups.