December 5, 2019

Earthquake and Flood Rehabilitation Program

Following the Oct’2005 earthquake in the Northern areas of Pakistan, support for rehabilitation was initiated. In Dhirkot (AJK) and Batagram (NWFP), 3,610 houses spread over 68 villages were supported with tin sheets for roofing over a room/house with people constructing the walls. In addition, 76 villages (23,810 families) were supported with pipes for the repair /replacement of water mains, while the community undertook to repair/replace the distribution network. Two local organizations that evolved through the process are now continuing with the mainstream development programs.

Following the July’10 floods in Pakistan that spread 4-15 km both sides of the river Indus, which flows north to south across Pakistan, relief, and rehabilitation support were initiated that continues. Thru 19 partner organizations working in villages around 2 cities and 19 towns (mostly in Sindh and Punjab provinces) support continues for 1) medicines for health centers and medical camps 2) roofing over a room/house/family 3) repair/replacement of hand pumps and 4) setting up of village schools. So far more than 99,167 patients have been treated thru the supported medical camps/centers, 13,019 houses spread over 1,183 villages have been supported with roofing while people constructed the walls/pillars of mud/bricks, 178 hand pumps for 39 villages were repaired /replaced and 18 schools have been initiated and are functional in 18 villages. In addition lately, the Village Development Program has been initiated for the development of villages reached through the rehabilitation program.