September 18, 2020

Battagram – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Pokal, UC Beyari, Tehsil Alai, District Battagram

Pokal has a population of 600 persons residing in 75 houses. District Alai has water supply issues. It is located at mountain range. There are several small colonies here. There are 340 different colonies are there which have 75-150 houses in them. There are 3 small markets here, Banna Bazar, Turk Bazar and Thakot Bazar, and people mostly buy their necessities from these 3 markets. Water supply is one of their major problems. People use water from rivers, lakes, wells and streams. People here need to be mobilized. Tehsil Alai is at 3 hours travelling distance from District Battagram.

Alai is naturally gifted area. It’s a major tourist place of KPK. People of Pokal village of Tehsil Alai have been mobilized with the help of BDO member Bais Khan. Several examples have been given to them like support and guide of Baghwan, Battagram. With the hard work and efforts of Bais Khan a water supply line of 7000 rft has been installed with a diameter of ¾ and total cost of this project was Rs. 245,000/-. Cost of pipe was Rs. 35 per rft. People have collected this money on self-help basis. Fitting and distribution work is still pending, while people are collecting more money for this work.