December 20, 2019

Baghban Development Organisation (BDO) ­Battagram-­Khyber Pakhtunkhuwah

The NGO evolved through the earthquake relief and rehabilitation program, (reported till the 121 QPR). Since July’09 core fund support has been provided, expand the program of water supply on self-help. By Nov’09 on-site training for mapping and documentation was initiated. Mapping and documentation of the completed water supply projects in 50 villages (through the earthquake rehabilitation projects) and of the existing sewage disposal system in these was undertaken. Of the total of 120 villages, mapping and documentation are complete (1 last period).

In the villages mapped/documented, besides the water supply distribution laid on self-help,  work on self-help sewers also exists in a number of lanes. On request, TMA is provided the village maps for the development of roads and other schemes. Communities are also using the maps for lobbying for external development.

By April’11, finances for external water supply were mobilized for 13 more villages. By April’12 works were completed. 5,569 families invested in Rs. 5.16 million in 32,820 rft. lane lines and 12 storage tanks, while for the mainline (75,500 rft.) plus a storage tank Homeless International funds of Rs. 6.48 million were used. Considering the low-cost designs (estimated at Rs. 3,000­5,000/family), the community is being mobilized for undertaking both the external/internal works on self-help. For 3 villages on community request,  mapping and provision of design/est. was completed this period.

This period 3 case studies completed. Self-help. repaired 7,500 rft. in Makria, Gol Masjid, costing Rs. 0.13 million.