March 26, 2021

Awami Welfare Society – AWS

AWS is a non-profit organization registered in 1998 social welfare Act 1061 and 1860(Registration # DSW-NWFP-1849 and 2745/5/8348).

Organizing and educating the communities and ensuring their active participation in development process by building their capacity and helping and facilitating them to make informed decision/choices

To ensure access to basic social services for the poor and most marginalized communities’ .To provided legal assistance and awareness on human rights to the most   marginalized communities. To enhance gender equity and equality as a core components during all interventions. To identify the vulnerability/problems of the marginalized and provide facilitation and collaboration with other humanitarian actors to take initiatives to address the long and immediate needs of such communities.

To promote peace and tolerance in the area. To establish local organizations and produce a range of activists and build their capacity through trainings.

Baidra is a village of Swat Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, having a population of 3,500 and total houses 500. The design and estimate have been submitted to AWS by OPP-RTI for the Baidra Village.